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Counselling & Therapy Online, in Cardiff & Abergavenny

Taking a step forwards​


Email me to book a first session or a free of charge phone consultation.

There are many reasons that people come to counselling and therapy. Maybe you're struggling with the pressures of work, study or relationships. Perhaps you don’t recognise yourself any more or you've realised that life isn't going to turn out as you'd hoped. Maybe this is having an impact on your daily life, with spiralling thoughts, anxiety or intrusive images or memories, or you cope by daydreaming in ways that drain your time and energy.

Therapy can help you understand yourself better, live more in tune with your own values, and make decisions that feel more whole-hearted. It can also enable you respond more flexibly to what life throws at you, so you’re more able to face into difficult situations and enjoy what’s good in life.

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I am a qualified and accredited counsellor and a psychotherapist in advanced training with the Welsh Psychotherapy Institute.  
I am bound by the professional codes of ethics of the BACP, NCS and UKCP. I am in regular supervision, fully insured and DBS checked. 
I work in both English and Welsh.

I welcome persons of all backgrounds and aim to treat with respect the diversity of your experience, including in terms of race, ethnicity, social and economic background, dis/ability, sex, gender, sexual orientation, neurotype, religion, culture and political beliefs.

I offer counselling and therapy online and in Cardiff city centre and Abergavenny, and charge £50-£65 per session.

Email me to book an initial session or to make an appointment for a phone chat to see if we'd be a good fit.

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