Working from Home

Covid-19 support

The Covid-19 pandemic and restrictions are hitting many people hard, in both emotional and practical terms. The pandemic is placing strain on relationships, work/life balance and finances, as well as leaving many people isolated and lonely, or experiencing loss and grief. The effects of ongoing uncertainty and fears for the future can weigh heavily, especially as many of our usual coping mechanisms are unavailable just now.

As a response to Covid-19, I am providing targeted support in the form of a one-off 90 minute session and a personalised well-being plan.

The session will provide a space for you to talk through your fears and worries related to the pandemic and its emotional and practical impact on your life.

Together, we will develop a personalised plan, identifying resources and strategies which can support your mental health and well-being during the pandemic. 

​I will send you this plan as a PDF document, along with a selection of related resources. 

I am also providing weekly online and phone therapy focused specifically on the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic for those who need additional support at this time.

Personalised well-being plans (including 90 minute session) – £55

Ongoing online or phone therapy sessions – £40 per session

To book an appointment, please email or phone 07395 435327 (Voicemail only) and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.